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Franchising system

Aiming at enhancement of the development dynamics of the Vitamin Shop chain, the company has decided to support their clients actively in order to create stable, loyal business relationship which would be beneficial for both sides.

Within the Vitamin Shop chain, both traditional shops are created as well as commercial islets located in shopping centres and commercial booths located in markets and hypermarkets. All sales points are covered with standardised visual identification system and provide similar product offer.

Franchise is the type of trade cooperation which has turned out to be very effective in many sectors. It is the system of sales of goods and services based on close and continuous cooperation between the supplier and the recipient of the license. Throughout the duration of a contract, the parties continue to operate as legally and financially independent entities.
The essence of this system is based on the assumption that the franchisor grants the franchisees with the entitlement to use the franchisor’s business concept and trademark as well as to take advantage of permanent commercial and technical support, in order to achieve stable cooperation with the customer who would recommend and sell brands of the Franchisor.